Italian Dry Gin
Available: Yes
Alcohol content: 46 %
Volume: 70 cl
49.50 CHF
CHF 70.71 / Liter

Gin meets Art - composed of 13 Botanicals in a beautiful designed bottle.

The making of Ginarte

Juniper Berries: Picked exclusively in particular areas of the Tuscan Apennines, juniper berries are infused in pure alcohol obtained from wheat to about 65% alcohol, and then distilled in a discontinuous vacuum alembic to preserve even the most delicate scents.

other botanicals: Calamint, Safflower, Mignonette, Rubia, Indigo

All these precious and rare plants are infused separately in pure wheat alcohol to about 55% alcohol and then distilled, still separately, into a small non-vacuum discontinuous alembic.

Wild celery, Lavender, Hibiscus, Elderflower, Pine buds, Mountain pine, Pine needles

These plants are infused, all together, in pure wheat alcohol at 55%. The resulting infusion is then distilled into a small, non-vacuum discontinuous alembic.

The finishing

The distillates of the three infusions are blended and left to rest for a few days, after which pure water of glacial
origin is added until the alcohol content is 44%. At this point, it passes to the low-temperature (-7° C) filtration phase
on pure cellulose panels, which have the task of retaining any oily parts still present in the blend. Ginarte is now
ready for bottling.

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